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I am kind of known for crazy style. I am the first one to put funky patterns together and top it off with an ankle boot. My latest obsession… sweatpants, a graphic tee, blazer and Aztec printed loafers. I know, not everyone’s style, so I had to really work hard at toning it down. Remembering that my specific purpose for for my portrait was clean, non-distracting head shot that shows my smile and professionalism. Stop laughing! I pulled it off!

I settled on my skinny jeans, chevron printed chiffon shirt half tucked. And since I was also shooting that day I had my belt with my handy dandy camera clip.

I was going to link posts in this one for everyone and save my clients some time in their research. But as I was sifting through, it dawned on me that this is a very personal topic. Instead I am going to give my tips and you can run with it from there. You may even be able to stare at your closet and have something jump out at you!

  • Your outfit should reflect your personal style. Don’t go funky punk if your typical style is classic. Just doesn’t make sense and it will confuse people when they see it or meet you.
  • Tone it down a bit. No one wants to see the girls hanging out in a head shot. Or a hot pink shirt with teal green jeans mixed up. This would so be the outfit I would wear around BUT not so much for portraits. I promise you will thank me later.
  • When in doubt, stick with the traditional. You just can’t go wrong there.

Here is a couple of my faves around Denver, I was wondering around looking for some styles that I liked so I though I would share them here.

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