Studio lighting with a moving subject

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So I took the most amazing workshop with Taylor Boone about lighting in the studio. I always thought I had a pretty good handle on light but boy oh boy did I learn different! She had the most amazing insight and tips on moving your stands in a way I would have never thought. I would have to say one of the best investments I could have done for my company was attending her workshop. Here is just one of my favorite images taken that day.

Denver Portrait Photographer












Now with that said, I took this new found enlightenment home and forced  bribed my kiddos to sit in the studio while I played. And played. And played. They are movers which was great practice seeing as how my typical subjects crawl at the speed of light.

I was lucky enough to photograph this little one earlier this week in the studio and put everything together! I found that with him on the backdrop in the middle if you will… and one light on either side of him (one slightly higher pointed downward a bit) with my reflector behind to the side works the best. Just look at his eyes. HOLY CATCH LIGHTS BATMAN!

Denver child photographer

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