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Hello my wonderful supportive clients. There are some changes happening with Erin’s Candid Moments that I wanted to get real with you and explain. I hope I don’t overwhelm you but I care about my clients and want to inform them of whats going on from the inside.

Why the change?

First of all. I apologize to each of my clients. Until recently, the service I have been able to offer have been limited. And for the past 6 months I have come to realize that although I was offering photography at a discounted rate, I was unintentionally providing horrible customer service. Let me explain…

I received emails from several clients asking where I get my canvas prints. Theirs was bought online (I won’t name the company here but will tell you if you ask personally) and their wood has started warping and canvas sagging in the middle. Several others have asked why their pictures look different in my studio than in their home. Or why it looks different on their computer screen than their print. I have been feeding you to the wolves so to speak of the print world. Point number two- I have not been providing you with media that will last. For example, two clients have lost their portraits because they never took them from their computer to a hard drive etc. Those portraits are now gone. While others have put them on a CD, let’s face it CD’s will be as obsolete as vinyl in a few years. Most computers are not even including a CD reader anymore. This is not the level of service my clients my clients deserve.

I am excited and proud to provide my clients with heirloom quality prints. Prints that are quality beyond the ability to purchase as a consumer. Prints that are UV protected, matted, water resistant and will LAST. Canvas gallery wraps with the tightest wrap in the industry. Lay flat custom leather photo albums that are durable and water resistant. These are the albums you will give to your children when they have children.

In addition to offering more valuable service to my clients, I am also moving into an amazing studio. 360-Portrait is unique in every way. We are a team of professional photographers that specialize in different things. You need glamour or boudoir portraits, Taylor Boone is the best. You need senior or event portraits, Thomas Toth is amazingly skilled. You need newborn or young family portraits, I’m your girl. We all offer industry leading service and hope to change the market for the better. I am constantly uplifted by Taylor and Thomas and learn something new from them every time I am there. The level of work that is created in this studio is really something amazing. My prayers have been answered when they asked me to be a part of their team.

I look forward to your first session in the new studio and to see high quality portraits throughout your home. Surround yourself with memories that you can pass down to your kids.

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