What to Expect – Kiddo Session

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We are on Kiddo time

  • I will take some time to get to know your child. Talk with them and build a rapport. No kidding, they are people too. I work to gain their trust so we can have fun
  • Sometimes your child will need to take a break. Whether to just be away from the camera or what I like to call a “state change”. It’s ok, we will try again when they are comfortable
  • Session times will vary. If your kiddo is loving life and we are having a great time then session typically last about an hour. If after thirty minutes of playing your little one is done, we will be too. I do not love the idea of pushing a child to play and end result being “I don’t want to go take pictures”. I don’t want to be the dentist in your little ones mind… However; I will always get amazing portraits of your child no matter what timeframe.
  • If your child is having a particularly strong willed day, I may ask your permission to take your kiddo just far enough away from you to distract them. I promise you will see me, but sometimes your little ones act completely different when you aren’t around. My son’s teacher told me “That means you are teaching them right, when they act how you taught them with different adults”. So it’s a good thing and may help the session to go smoother. This is a last resort as I want parents to be as involved as possible. Just letting you know.

Please bring the following items with you to your session

  • A bribe… wait I mean snack. A non messy one like goldfish or mini marshmallows
  • A change of clothes, because you just never know
  • A favorite toy or something that they are over the moon about
  • A pacifier and/or bottle
  • A special book

Start taking notice of the little things they are doing right now. Do they love to run up and hug mommy’s leg, or dance to a certain song. These are just great to photograph and helps me to create those honest moments.