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I received a very powerful email from a client in the past that I want to share with everyone.

“Erin- thank you so much for the excitement you have given me. I knew she was going to be my last child and with my older two I used to get so anxious over them growing bigger. Missing their cuddles, little toes and tiny clothes. Though I still miss these times, I found myself getting excited for her next photos. Instead of regretting her getting big I was looking at ideas for the next photo session and picking out bigger clothes with excitement! When I get sad, I just pull out her newborn album and I get excited about her talking soon. Thank you so much. By the way, the hubbs thanks you too.”

Newborn Photographer Denver

I am so glad to offer my first moments package to families. As my boys get older, and I fold their too small clothes to give away, a little part of me frowns knowing my kids will never wear these perfectly cute jeans again. But like my client above, I look at the walls and am surrounded by wonderful memories. One photo actually had the pair of jeans that broke my heart to give away. I will not go so far to say that 100% of kids growing older can be taken away by documenting their growth, however; it certainly takes the sting out! Getting excited about their next outfit to wear, the next theme (my boys love their country boys with toys sessions) and milestones that I get to capture really gets me tickled.

















Less remorse and more excitement about their feet getting too big for those shoes. This is a benefit for all my clients. Embrace their growth! Denver Newborn Photographer.

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