But what should I wear!?

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Did anyone else have the Jim Carey Grinch voice in their head when they read the tittle? Yup, I did when I wrote it.

Almost every clients asks this question and I love it. This tells me you care! Gold stars all around. So I thought I would share this session with the Y family that we did in November. The colors are just perfect, patterns, etc. It’s not easy to pull off pink, she’s my hero.

Take a look at this list, my clients typically stick to this and life is great. There really shouldn’t be any stress linked to choosing your outfits for your session. This is the fun part. Let’s play dress up!

1. Let’s nix the matchy-matchy portraits. All black shirts and blue jeans make Jack a dull boy.
2. Color families. Let’s say you love blue. Your house has a neutral tone to it and for the past 10 years you have had some sort of blue color scheme in your living room- throw pillows and the rug. So blue is the color family winner for your outfits. Light blue, dark blue, royal blue. If you are feeling adventurous and trusting me, you could sneak some purple and grey in there too. Pops of the same family color and accents make for a beautiful portrait.
3. Mix it up. Patterns and polka dots as accessories are awesome! Maybe someone could wear a plaid shirt and mom could have stripes on her skirt. In my humble opinion this makes the portrait more interesting to look at. Your faces are awesome- because lets face it, it’s your family… but everyone in a solid color might make you frown in 10 years.
4. Accessorize! Throw on a scarf, bribe your kiddo to wear a vest and ask your hubby to wear a sweater with a shirt underneath. Jackets and hats are also an amazing accessory during your session. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Not too scary right. Make it a fun day together. Hit the mall or Target (I love me some Target), if you get busy hit up Zulilly to look at together.

Some other quick tips on your clothing.

If we are doing an outdoor session, I will ask for your wallet, keys and phone. If you do not want me to hang on to these, please find a way to leave them at home. There is nothing that will kill your photo quite like a bulgy wallet in the pocket and a cell phone. “It’s a tumor”! (If you didn’t picture Arnold Schwarzenegger when you read that, I’m sad). No really, name that movie. Another gold star if you guessed it.

Thanks for reading, if you are ready to schedule your portrait session, I’d love to hear from you. I am with my clients every step of the way.

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