H. S. is 3 months- Denver Baby Photographer

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H.S. is getting so big!

I love when dads get involved in the sessions. And what a clever pick for the Cubs hat on little baby Hunter at 3 months. “If this hat actually comes out, that’s all that matters”.

He is such a strong boy, already trying to roll over and lifting himself up for tummy time. His laugh was cracking me up, mom would tickle him and he would just open his mouth wide and chuckle. Thank you to the S family for choosing me as your photographer.

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For this in home session, I brought basically the whole studio in my car. No kidding.

  • Travel bean bag
  • Backdrop stand
  • 2 soft box continuous lights
  • baskets and blankets
  • Hats
  • Lifters and stuffers

As a Denver Baby Photographer, sometimes I feel like I should invest in a cargo van!

I was glad to have all my “stuff” though, we used quite a bit and it was helpful to have color options. Can’t wait to see H.S. again in 3 months.


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